Saturday, January 26, 2008

DAY 195


i hope you all had a fab day today spend with some family,

some friends,did you have a barbie ?

where you listening to the hottest 100 on triple j?

it was a fun day for us..lots to do people to see..

.happy birthday to Koby,who celebrates his 9th birthday today.

a pool party it was....nothing like a dip on a hot day,the kids had a

super time...heres some photos to share

this is my buddie lisa...kobys mum getting in on the action

umm asti and evy are in amoungst this lot...can you pick them?

Koby and his besties

after the party ,it was time for a music celebration,tuned to JJJ,it was a fun afternoon

our host and hostess Lou and Sharon

scoys,tuning in to TRIPLE j

Ava's gorgeous sister Rebecca

the big treat for me was catching up with my school buddie sharyn,we were a triple with our friend Tina...oh the crazy stories i could tell
rex was found with his head in the mud...eeewwww,yeek

this pooch was in desperate need of a was....

i could bore you with more of the 4oo shots from today ,

but i think i'll leave it there....


binrow said...

Never a bore to see your frollics witchy!!


Jodie said...

love the pics, looks like you had an awesome day witchy!!
i agre with binrow, never a bore, i love your pics!!!

lilwitch said...

that poor dog in the mud

love the photos

it was so fun