Wednesday, January 30, 2008

day 199
first day back at school
here's a few pix to share

my lil darlin has been super excited about returning to see

her friends and start a brand new year gues who i found in astrids roxy bag... she's a bit cute


Jodie said...

ohh she is more than cute.
i love you little boo :)

and how cute are the girls, back at school!!
hope they have an awesome year.


Gallery 12 said...

Hey WP! I've been away for tooooo long - wow, love the new site - esp the header -noice one! All the photos, scrappin - just love it all - sorry it's been a while - but as you can imagine life is a little chaotic atm - am at my sil's house for another week - gotta love suitcase living! Have a great week xDon

Anonymous said...

and growing way too quick! Oh the toukley days!!! hello!