Tuesday, January 01, 2008

day 172
i wish you all a wonderful COLOURFUL new year ahead.
may it be prosperous and exciting,
filled with friends and family ,
happiness and lots of laughter,
creative and inspiring ideas
and most of all filled with a peace and contentment like no year to date.
so what did i do last night.
bugger all ,
dinner with my bestie ,
pretending to scrap,
chatting ,laughing,and some cool beverages also
heres a few pics from today
pammy sporting her christmas pressie from me .
i hope your evening was safe and lots of fun!
sorry Jodie ,BOO is asleep
,getting a little respite while the kids are at nan's having a swim


Jodie said...

Happy new year to my favorite witch,
and also to evy, asti, paul and of course BOO!!!!!

Jodie said...

forgot to say that pic of u with the paint is AWESOME im gunna scrap it :D

oh and hahaha love pams top!


binrow said...

Happy New Year Guys!!!

And I will be around a bit more now, my sis has had 3 of the 4 tumors removed and they were benign so all is looking good but the last will be a bit tricky as its on the jugular vein so as long as she makes it though the operation its clear sailing.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you and Pammy had a wonderful night seeing the New Year in....xxxx Top photo shot xxxx and a giggle at Pam's top xxxx

Michelle Jamieson said...

Good to see you and Pammy had a nice New Year! Love the Tshirt.

You've been tagged...Check out my blog for details!

Chelle Xx