Thursday, January 03, 2008

day 173i banged this journal out this last night ..a
s i print so many pics during the year ,there can tend to get out of order.
actually they usually end up everywhere...
so i made this journal to try and gain a little order..
when i print ,which is usually twice a week..
ill stick one or 2 pics in here ,do a little doodle ,
so i have a clue about the date(i dont do date stamps on the pic)..anyway,
ive been to the flicks with the kids today to see this
i hope you all had a fab day too
a new year rak
once upon a time
i made these gorgeous(well i think so )window stickers.
and today Pauls brother bought out some things from his mums house for me
,and amoungst them was a few of my stickers,
which i did before i scrapped...they were even published in a'witchcraft' magazine ...
she is 26cm x peel and stick to any glass or ceramic surface
and she is up for a rak for all those sweet people who leave me a message ..
the kids can draw it next monday ..


Anonymous said...

Hi Witch... don't add me to the list for the rak thanks...... Not that I don't like her it is just I have no where to use it (No window) don't like things stuck on windows...etc xxxx

that is one very nice pic of you and love the journal cover xxxx

kiwi said...

Scrapwitch you are amazing! How do you make stickers? Is there anything creative that you CANT DO???
Love your journal cover and the pic of you. That little green owl is so cute. Think he is going to be watching to see that your photos go in order.
Great idea.

nikkihelen said...

Love the journal cover too!! And the sticker. I have just started to blog lurk for some inspiration for an album I want to make for the Paper08 challenge, and there you are!!!

RubyRox said...
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RubyRox said...

Just got back from hollies and may i say i have missed out on SOOOO many posts!!!
The LO's are sooo good and so is all the daily photos and LOs and OMG fantabulous GREATT work chikkie!! WOOO
You MADE those stickers?
That so coool!
teach mee lol