Monday, January 14, 2008

dAY 183
monday , good to me!
how was it for you..
i made a card this afternoon,so that made me happy.
work was fun ,as usual..lots af smiley faces,which always warms my heart.
this arvo ,while taking my daily shot ,
evy insisted of one of her own..and then another.
geez she's such a camera hog...wonder where she gets that from?

evy and boo


Gallery 12 said...

Awwww - what a beautiful kitte kat - an dI'm not usually that fond of furry felines, but this one is quite irresistable. Your gal is very photogenic too - watch out Paris!!! Glad you're having a good week my dear - hope it keeps up for ya, XD

binrow said...

You look wonderful witchy and that girl of yours should be a camera hog' anyone who looks that good should!!
Love the kitty had lots of cats when I was a kid but DH hates them so no more kitties for me.
Baby snake is coming in two weeks and its a little girl!!