Sunday, January 06, 2008

day 176
today i've been exploring the BACKYARD
for the photo challenge at GALLERY 12.
dont forget to go by and cast your vote for
your favourite photo from week one .
back to work tomorrow .
a new year ,with new little faces.
now what do you find interesting in your backyard ???
here's some things i found in the backyard


Lisa said...

holy cow it's been 176 days already? and you didn't fall off the bandwagon! you're good lol! just wanted to pop by and say hello! hope you're having a fabulous weekend!

RubyRox said...

WOOOOWWWW well i might sayy that those photos are BRILLIANT!
I love the poolside one with the frangipanies!

Heids xx said...

awww witch! I love today's pic!!!

Donna said...

hi there wp! what is that interesting photoof swirly thingys???? Looks great! Hope your first week at work has been a nice slide back into the new year for you. Thanks for your new year phone message too! Seeya!