Tuesday, January 08, 2008

day 178
and we have picked a rak winner...2 in fact..
congratulations to pammy ,who wins my big fairy ,
and to ruby who also scores some smaller stickers for her window.
thanks so much for taking the time to leave a message .
astrid did the honours ,while evy and miss R where off super modelling
and the winner is .....
runner up
miss R proudly displays her own creation
miss evy does the same
photo of the day 178.....


RubyRox said...

I scrap in front of my window so will be able to see it every time i scrap! Everyday!
Love the photos!
LOVE the pages gurlies!
What talented chikkies they are!
Thanks again!! :)

tracey said...

congrats to your rak winners... great work girls on your layouts in your albums - looking good -- got a great teacher in your mumsy. congrats lisa on getting so far with that challenge - oh my goosh ....what a big book all those pics are gonna fill.... you could do the many faces of me book when you are done...have fun at work - tracey

Pamela said...

Wow thank you I won something, it is cool. A bit of Marie luck on my side.

(Pamela now that is a bit formal)

thank you

Love Pam