Friday, January 04, 2008

DAY 174
i have to finish cleaning ,
before i can begin creating.
thanks to the gorgeous SJ or FLUTTER'S for dropping by today.
hope to catch you on sunday babe .


tracey said...

love the new journal in your previous post lisa - i know the feeling of cleaning before creating -- keeps it all in balance -- kinda like the 30 minute clean before DH gets home from work cause i have been sitting on my tush creating - lol--- i hope the cleaning doesn't take to long you have to get yourself back to that creating.ciao

nikkihelen said...

Amen sister....hate the house messy, hate the cleaning too! Must get cracking on the organising of my scrap space or it will be taken over by uni stuff again....

RubyRox said...

I love that last line! although i rather have it the other way around hehe. Great photo! =]

erico said...

hi dear sista,its always a great pleasure to discover your fab pictures...its the magic part of the be connected and have a look at you far so close
we luv u

erico said...

happy new yeaaah from belgium

Anonymous said...

A women has to do what a women does... but don't you just hate it???? Housework Yuck.... but I do like a clean house from time to time xxx

Happy Scrappin as I'm sure you will be back at the table quick smart when all the other is done xxx

Anonymous said...

hey sweetheart.. I would have loved to have caught up on sunday... left SMS messages though did not hear back from you..
sadly we had to head back early so i missed our second catch up completely... im really bummed about that. I was looking forward to it and i think the girls were looking forward to having other girls to talk to. They both remembered your girls from the light house and were busting to meet them again.
No matter... life has a way of getting in the way some times..

if your ever down this way though... be sure to let me know.. there is always a bed for you gorgeous.