Tuesday, February 12, 2008

DAY 212
of the 365 self portrait challenge

this is a layout for a challenge on Embellished.
ive had so many ideas running thru my head .
i may even tackle this theme again this week
you know when you have a vision
buut i dont know if i can
transform it to paper

this layout is for you miss Nicole
its a challenge she gave me...
to scrap black!

my mans trophy from this weekends event in melbourne .

he is so happy and im so proud of him

by the gorgeous

My favorite sites:
scrapbooking memories.com
(to catch up on pauls stuff)

Challenge Faves:
365 day self portrait challenge
Gallery 12
Emily f’s art challenge
Emilys 52 week cards
embellished “in my skin”challenge
Chinese whispers challenge

Guilty Pleasures:
reality tv
triple J radio
real coke
Cadbury chocolate

Babysitting fave:
scrapbooking with the kids

Creative Fave:

Melissa ,Robyn ,Tracey ,Maz ,Pam ,Jodie
Loiuse ,Leanne,Julie Sares,Donna,Nic
Celine Navarrow
Adreinne Looman
everyone on SIS and SM

Clothing fave:
jeans and a T
Haviannas for summer
Cool shades

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Anonymous said...

oh witch love these pieces, especially whats in your head, wow its a crazy energy creative and loving filled place in there i bet!!!
love your work.

awwwwwwwww BOOOO thanks for the new pic, she melts my heart that girl.
and you know what, she will look adorable in that witches outfit ill have to send soon!!
i also have a rubon from the hambly haloween rubs, it says "boo" naturally its perfect for you!

Astrostar said...

Witchy I love your work! I would love to have the creative juices that you have :)

Yay for the Man and his win with that fab trophy!

Tammy said...

Your cat is sooo beautiful.Loving all the pages you have there, they are gorgeous. How lovely is that photo os you! I think it is my favourite so far. I fell off the 365 challenge whilst I was sick am thinking of starting again....mmmm who knows.

miasmummy said...

Oh Witchy, I just love how you have your hidden extra bits on your pages, that rocks!!! xxx

kazzra said...

Hey Chick, i knew you could do the black LO.....it looks gr8 - its very you. Makes me think of some new ideas for the girls dance goodies for end of year..... hmmmm

Anonymous said...

Hey there Lisa that photo of you is gorgeous!!

sares xx

Anonymous said...

Stunning pages Lisa BOO BOO looks to be growing fast....xxx love the lake shots (I think I can pick where they were taken xxx Gorgeous photo of your self and last but not least GO the man on the board

tracey said...

ooohhhh send me a little of that mojo love -- i need some of your energy for tommorow --- loving your layout tis very noice and your 365 pics are lookin' hip girl! --- oh and thought i would add that i am totally in love with your additions to the cj's that you uploaded a few days ago -- they would have to be on my top 10 fave list now - gorgeous lisa!...and don't your babes take the bestest pic too... go girls!!! --- and big congrats to paul - rockin it !!!!!

Ali said...

lisa....i love boo-she is so incredibly gorgeous- her little green eyes..awwwwww! an im loving your 365 day challenge photo-you're eyes are sparkling!! also loving your challenge for embellished, i've almost finished mine....got a few finishing touches, will finish tonight after work! great take on it, my heading was going to be exactly yours, but instead its, "whats in my head?"

great work girl, and thanks for your comment. im going to use it on my page i think! love it! thanks ali xx

Julie said...

Awesome work here Lisa - love the extra details on your challenge layout!!
Another fantastic self portrait pic and little boo boo is just the cutest kitten ever.

Julie H xx

Pamela said...

i love the Everyday of the year layout very cool.

Good on ya Paul, hope you had an unreal time and goodluck for QLD.

Even your Scraps look great! I got some newish stuff here for you!

Nicole said...

Awesome Black page. Feels freeing to just go with one colour. Did you enjoy it????

Loving everything else too. You work the paint magically.

Big congrats to Paul too. That is one cool looking trophy.