Sunday, February 17, 2008

day 217
yippe ,there finished
her you go Miss Lanae.
ill post them first thing in the morning.
these are my friends wedding invitations ,
40 of them all done and ready to post.
my inspiration behind them is the charkra colours ,
that are such a part of Lanaes life
...and that the wedding is at dusk sunset colours also
i wanted something very original,with a wow factor
not anal and restrained ,like a lot of the usual invitations..
thanks to all on SM for the encouragement to go for this arty style invo.

hope you all had a fab weekend


Pamela said...

those invitations are fantastic!


kazzra said...

Yeah !!!! All finished.. i knew you could do it, & do it well. Well done Lisa they look fab, the bride to be will LOVE them. C ya 2morrow.

binrow said...

Oh man these are delish!! What a special thing for the guests to have as a momento, what a lucky Bride she is.
P.S please post your are journal on sm, maybe we can get a few more out of the wood work.


binrow said...

Opps I mean ART!!!


Kylee said...

WOW they look fantastic Witchy, in awe again. What a lucky bride to be..:D
keep them coming LOVE ur work:D

Lesli said...

Those are awesome invites! I love ll the vibrant color!!!

miasmummy said...

The invites are fantastic!! Very original, why didn't I know you when we were getting married?? They are fab!!

Donna said...

Oh re gorgeous Wirchy - I only wish I'd had something similar for my wedding invites - so unique and personal.