Monday, February 25, 2008

its day 225 today

of the 365day self portrait challenge

i have another cj to showcase...this one is for Pam

her poppet friends cj is so awesome ,

and now i get to send it home ..yay.

here's my entry:)

a big thanks to miss RUBYROX for rating my blog E for excellent

you rock miss ruby...but my god have you left me with a major dilemia ..

omg..i feel like i cant choose one,so im not going too.!there....ive said it....
im going to choose more than one...

sorry powers that be ,but thats just the way it is

i rate the following blogs excellent

melissa for drop dead gooooorgeous l/o and cause she is so special

maz ,omg this girl simply pumps out the l/o's and they are all A1

jodie ,what can i say but she is the hippest fresh faced scrapper on the planet

pam,,she's my girl and i love everything she does


i also want to mention donna,louise,tracey and robyn who so inspire me in a big way

as do anne marie,nicole,heidi,chelle,and the new kid on the block Ali


Lauren said...

Hey Witch,
Love what you ended up doing with it~~!!!!
After all that, it looks fab!!

Louise said...

Feeeeeeeeeling is very mutual my friend!!!!!!!!!!

xxxxxxxxx Lou

Lesli said...

Congrats on the E award you really deserve it :)

Ruby Claire. said...

Your welcome chikkie. You DEFINATELY deserved it!
As for this poppet... i think this is one of the BEST things you have ever done..... 1 of the best ;)
I rpinted it out EXTRA big and am sticking it into my inspiration book this is AMAZING!. What a great idea! I wunna make one but i have no idea my scene to do in the backgroung... will have to work on that!
Have a FANTABULOUS day!!

Lesli said...

Just wanted to let you know I picked your blog as my banner of the day! It will up in the morning :)

Anonymous said...

Awww- thanks my witchy friend! You rock :)



Donna said...

Hey Witchy! Thanks for the honourable mention!!! I love the latest scraps from your side - esp the poppit - must try that one day! I'm soooo missing it all and must get a fix soon. How's the wood photo comming along??? It's a tricky one this time - lots of love to you and thanks for all the inspiration - x DK