Wednesday, February 27, 2008

day 227
another storm over head...hurry hurry
i must hurry with this post
the above shot is a peek at what im working on
thanks to tracey for the stunning wings
here is my self portrait photo of the day

on saturday i snapped some shots for a friend
all off the auto settings !!!!!!
heres a peek at some of my favs
meet miss shelley and her sister
MUM AND DAD Jeanette and Lloyd

smiles from miss tara

what do you think ??????


tracey said...

okes this would make it the third time i visited you today ... but this is my second attempt at leaving a message - so annoys me when the puter drops out... grrrr

so i adore your pics and i bet the family are inlove with the shots that you took.

I keep popping back hoping you are gonna share some more of that layout of your beautiful daughter and the wings... i wanna see.......give it up girlfriend!!! looks totally awesome from what i can see.- good work lovey...

Annette said...

Your pictures are amazing & you are a totally awesome scrapbooker!!! You are truly an artist!!! I found you thru my friend Lesli's blog. I'm in Billings Montana & love everything scrapbooking! Come visit me @

Love your site!

Lesli said...

Great photos - those wings are priceless - don't you just love B&W photos!

Melissa said...

AWESOME pics Lisa!
ohhhhh I so want to see more of the wings LO/canvas???
Delish - as always!