Thursday, February 21, 2008

day 221
thursday february 21 is nearly gone...the kids are at mum's tonight .
poppy is taking them to school tomorrow .
i start work at 7.45 so nan and pop come to te aid.
Pauls still on the Gold Coast
he participated in his event ,and scored a 3rd place :) :) :)
Im so proud of him,he is so great at his chosen sport of skateboarding.
but its just so much more than just rolling around,
he is an old school skater,ramps ,bowls,any skate park,
downhill,a little street ~but he values his joints to much~
off road~those boards are huge ~ and now slalom skating.
he has only been competing for the last 2 years and
99.9% of the time he scores a top 3 placing .not bad for a 45 year old
so yet again he scores a trophy ,
and some sponsors where sniffing around,
he will be charged when he gets home ..
heres my shot from today ,2 in fact
i couldnt decide..i even had 3 up here ,but that was too much
day 221.

after a long work day the kids and i slippped out for our thursday
night ritual meal.

evy has the falafel,asti the chicken,

and i have a mixed kebab.

i dont cook on thurday night !!!!!what about you???


Melissa said...

wish I didn't have to cook on any night!
Friday is the night we have takeaway...If I'm lucky LOL!

Anonymous said...

Last night it was just me at home, so I made a yummy satay tofu strifry with LOADS of carrot, mushroom and onion! YUMMY!

You are beautiful hun :)


Lesli said...

I do cook on Thursday Night - but it's all good. I love the 2 photos!!!

Ali said...

that second photo of you lisa is great- u are such a happy wonderful person!! congrats for paul too! WOO HOO. i cooked roast lamb shanks and roast veg for my boyfriend-his sister and her hubby (who had awesome news- that im not supposed to tell anyone...shushhh she won't find out on here- she's pregnant with her first bub). so what a celebratory dinner! :) i was so excited - my boyfriend's going to be an uncle!! AWWW!!!

Gallery 12 said...

Yay Paul - great achievement. Good for you! I haven't yet gotten into a rythm yet - but I reckon a night each week off cooking is a b%^&*y great idea!! Love those two photos too witchy x Don