Sunday, February 10, 2008

day 210
of the 365 day self portrait challenge
a pic of miss evy and myself
a lovely girlie day...
some scrapping and spending time with my girlies..
here are 2 cj's ive worked on today..
one for erin aka shorty
the other for sarah ,aka frangipanni

there are 13 pics in this "live to create layout "

there are 37 photos in this "before i die "cj entry....over kill...

well maybe,but i do love photo focused layouts,and thats what ive made


Ali said...

i love your cirlce journals- they're awesome. esp. the live to create one, the paint, flowers, doodlign round the edge!! great work..... very creative....

awesome. xxx

Nicole said...

lovin the CJ's such gorgeous bright and inspiring work. LOVE IT ALL


Nicole said...

oh and forgot to say, have a little dare for you.

I'd love to see you produce an all black page. Seeing as your like me and not afraid of anything. hehehehe. now get to work.


Pamela said...

your CJ entries are wonderful. Great to see all the pics on one layout!

keep it up i say!

Ruby Claire. said...

looove them to bits! SOSOOOO bright and colourful!!

purplecrazymum said...

That is such an awesome photo of you and evy!!