Tuesday, February 26, 2008

day 226
a quick post before the computer goes off
theres an electrical storm circling overhead....
an email arrived today from sm...toot toot for me...finally!!!!


miasmummy said...

Oh Witchy! You so deserve a toot toot! TOOT TOOT away!! Can't wait to see you in print! xx

Lauren said...

OH REALLY!!! how exciting!! You were only saying two days ago how you have not been published! FINALLY!! I am so excited for you well done!

Lexie said...

Awesome news, no idea why it took so long.

Totally deserved cant wait to see your name in print!

Jodie said...

ohhhhh WOOHOO witchy.
about time they realised the talent!!!
cant wait to see it yay.

and boooooooooo is too cute!

Ruby Claire. said...

WOOOOOOOOOOO go witchy!!
YAY!. Cant wait!
Totally cute photos!
DANg i wunna cuddle boo!!

Ali said...

GO Witchy!! That is such fantabulous news!! good on you- you deserve it!!
xo ali

Anonymous said...

YIPPEE! So happy for you hun :)

Can't wait to see it!!


Lesli said...

Great photos - love those eyes!!!

Anonymous said...

Toot Toot... must be something in the water? with all the lovely people getting emails from SM... xxx Can't wait to see your work in print (glad you didn't give up)

Louise said...

Freakin AWESOME news, ABOUT B......TIME!!!!!!


Heids xx said...

OMG how cute is kitty now!! wowee! and I'm loving your daily pics. I can NEVER get enough...can you extend it to like...a LIFETIME?! hehehee

oh BTW I have tagged you. ;) see my bloggy blog blog lol

Nicole said...

about bloody time hun,

Love all those photos, so glad you haven't given up on the challenge.