Wednesday, February 13, 2008

day 213
i hope you have all had a fab day...
its freezing here today,how about where you are??
evy was sent home from school(its sport day and she hates sport~unless its skating)
so its been a bit of an up and down day today
i fitted in this soft layout yesterday..i asked evy what
the title should be and she told me that no title was neccessary..
so im going with friends is enough,what do you think..
.its so not like what i usually do,a lil subtle hey..
im trying to use up scraps...cause i can buy aything new...booo hoooo.
share a part of your day with me,what did you get up too?

all she wants to do is spend time with her cat!


Deb Godley said...

Hey there!! Well, my day today...?? Had to work..and then???Got to visit your blog!! Thanks for visiting me and leaving nice comments..LOL...its nice to "meet" new blog is BANGIN!!! so is your how cute!!
Your work is beautiful!!!

Lexie said...

I agree no title necessary, I adore this LO!

I Dont blame Evy for not wanting to participate today I remeber being exactly the same LOL

Ruby Claire. said...

AHH i cant get over how UTTERLY uderable your gorgeous kitty is!
Great daily photo and LO! OMG its WONDERFUL! You can do any style and you do it well! You have been PUMPING out those LO's!!
I had sport yesturday too, MAN i SO didnt want to do it!
I like ice scating better too!! hehe cause you dont get all hot and sweaty!

miasmummy said...

That LO is so beautiful Wirchy, and it's not your ususal bright style but it is your style anyway!! AB FAB!!! xxx

Donna said...

Hey gorgeous! I'm really starting to crave some scrappin'!!! I love the latest from you - esp the all black number. I also liked the marbles pics - but had a momentary lapse of reason when I chose the one I did!!! Oh well - gotta be crazy - it's good for the soul! Hey - I've got an LSS now about 1km from my house - but it's soooo tiny - bummer! I'm still lovin the photos you manage to churn out all the time - beautiful - what staying power you have - good on youSW - have a fabo week and I'll call back in a few days.

Scrapaholic 'tine said...

Hi scrapwitch
Love the layout, very nice... no matter what style you use your work turns out fabulous...

The day here in Darwin is wet and overcast!!! We have had rain since Saturday night. Everything is getting soggy now but I love the wet season when it rains it cools down up here but not as cold as down your way.... I got a lovey bouquet of flowers from my other half so made my day!!! Hope your day is good Scrapaholic 'tine xx

Michelle Jamieson said...

How cute is Boo?

Great layout, although it is very different for you..There's NO PAINT!!LOL

Been cool and overcast with a bit of rain here in Brissy today. Just not what it's normally like at time of year!

Lesli said...

beautiful page - the girls look like they are having fun!!!

Shelley said...

Awesome layout! Loving your work. Gorgeous kitty too - I've got one that looks exactly the same except he's a lil bit older

Shelley :)