Saturday, February 23, 2008

day 223

im off this evening for a scrap at Pams...

to catch up with some forum friends

meeting virginia for the first time I.R.L

so i thought i'd get this one up early and get myself moving

i have a shoot to do in an hour for an hour and then im off...

my little creative industrious Two have been busy...trying to raise money for there friends birthday pressie...a ds game

so this morning they set up the shop out the front and started to bead ..

so creative ..ahh a chip of the old block i'd say.
multi talented ,,she 's bound to bring in the costumers


Keelie loves to visit with Boo ,she once had a cat ,
but she had a sad accident with a car .
so she loves to snuggle anytime she is here

have a fun weekend folks


Jodie said...

those girls of yours are so creative, if i was walking past id buy some jewelry, did they make alot?
i hope so!!!!

gorgeous photos witchy as always. have fun at the crop, and say hi to virginia for me!!!! :D


lil witch said...

it was so much fun

we made $6.30