Tuesday, February 19, 2008

DAY 219
yep ive been playing with some colour saturation..it's fun.
MY man is in Qld,he is competing in another national slalom.
i wish him all the best and i hope he is fastest on the track..
no pages today,but miss lanae recieved my mail art,
and she is super stoked


tracey said...

oh my gosh - loving the blue one - think i am a bit partial to blue though.... good luck to your man and hopefully he will bring you back a big fat trophy so that you can do some more scate scrapping.

your invites look very inviting - so noice - i bet she is soooo soooo stoked with how they turn out. catch ya later

Ruby Claire. said...

LOVE the edits!
OO good luck to Your mann!! :D
Your invited looked so AMAZING its GREAT that she loved them too!
Her you got an E for EXCELLENT award on my blog ;)

Heids xx said...

YAY! it IS fun huh??!!! LOVE the pic too!!!