Saturday, February 16, 2008

day 216
im busily making invitations for my buddie Lanaes wedding
,but not before i pulled together these 2 items swiftly this morning for Kesha's birthday
the kids are sleeping over and are ice skating tonight.
anyway heres todays blog.
a journal for the birthday girl
a canvas
and a big thanks to Karrin and family for calling past today,
i always love to catch up with you guys


kazzra said...

Love the Canvas... We love catchin up with you too. The kidz couldnt stop ravin about how cool you are and how cute BOO is - all the way home we were asked when are we comin back for another visit & if i come ova i have to wait till afta school or on the weekend. We ALL love ya Lisa!!!!

Heids xx said...

dude, I don't see you all!!! what wickedly delish potion have you made huh huh huh?? I want some!!!! lol.

gorgeous girl, just gorgeous!!!!

tracey said...

i do believe that this is too cute - i bet she will love it - and are u ice skating too -- there are heaps of great photo opps at the rink - have a fun night lisa

Ruby Claire. said...

Witchy you are amaizng. I dont know what else to say!!! :D