Saturday, June 28, 2008

day 346

This blogger upload is driving me nuts .
another head turner lol(love it nicole)
I'm a lil sick with a head cold.-cough cough
ive been playing with some product anyway.
with this coloured tranparency sheet
i stamped the damsk image onto a white sheet of paper .
copied the image onto transparency
then painted over the image
inspired by hambly sheets
we grab a box of 100 for $25
(i get them wholesale thru work)
im just lovin the effect!

another layout for scrapperdi


Deb G said...

Gorgeous!!!Freakin Gorgeous!!!! Thanks for poppin in at the ol' lonney hangout too..I havent had 2 seconds to myself of late..and i was wondering what youve been up to...!!! LOVE the transparencies OMG.gorgeous.

Alice said...

oh wow Witch! I love the backgorund with all the diemasks! Really effective!

parkergal17 said...

Totally love the colours of the layout with the damask on it. Just gorgeous.