Thursday, June 19, 2008

damn blogger,what the hell is wrong....i
t keeps turning pics that dont need or have been turned...
its starting to shit me a little i contact the authorities
and see if i can get some assistance .
im on a scrappin roll..ok, they might not be the greatest of layouts,but im getting thru
some photos and recharging my mojo at the same working up to do mels cj,i just want to do such a good job that i keep putting it you know that one girls...and maz's spiritual swap cj is 1/2 done ,but i dont know if its exactly what i should be sending both these on monday and im locking myself in this weekend until they are done.

doesnt look like im in for masters this year...there are so many fabulous scrappers entering .
the talent out there is superb,wishing you all the best ,
and there is no way my lean work is going to get a look in.

hope your scrap happy today


parkergal17 said...

I can't believe how many layouts you can do in one session and how amazing they are. I need some of your mojo.

Jodi said...

Not long to go now yourself!!
It really is weird not taking the photos... Shhh... I did one yesterday, just didnt load it up!! Its habit ok!!!
Great challenge though and i have so many great photos of myslef now!!

Skye M J said...

I don't visit for two days and I miss twenty thousand new layouts!

You really are on a roll and they are all looking great!

And Pssh to you not entering masters! You sooooo should!

Nicole said...

your total Master material Lisa. Get into it babe.

Love these gorgeous works. same stupid photo turning happened to me again today, only way I've got around it is to upload to photobucket first. PITA for this dial up user though.

If you find another solution beam it my way too.


Melissa said...

Loving the lastest creations Lisa...especially the one of Paul skating!!! AWESOME!!!!
have a great weekend!

Donna said...

You really are on a roll aren't you! I just had a scroll through and just love em all - I'm off to grab my paint and spatula, all inspired by your work - esp the onesfor Pammo and your ma - exuisite!