Tuesday, June 10, 2008

day 328
here's a layout i threw together this arvo,just to get an early start to the scrapweek
a pic from waranaminus pammy and i ,but i do like this shot
and this elsie paper looks so fab with it
oh and i have used some of the cool journalling cards that arrived today from bec...
what a fantastic swap that was....
i was in all 3 groups and now i have a pile of new tags to use...
remember when you were 11 or 12 it was school excursions to where ever...
lets say Canberra (cause thats where Evy's going)
for 3 days ,and your just bustin at the seams for it to happen..
well ,in a little less that 13.5 hours Evys jumpin on the bus
and we wont see her till friday night ...
can you see the excitement in her face ,its a shameful blotchy pic of me,
but her face says it all
oh ,i have some news to share...i hope im a allowed to share .
jo from SM sent me an email asking if it would be ok for my DAD's album
(which is coming up in Scrapbooking Memories vol 10 number 5)
could be used in and segment on T.V. on Kerry Anne ...
yippeee..dont know if it will get much of a look in ,
but i think its pretty cool anyway .


Lauren said...

have fun Evy!!!

Lucy said...

Oooh how exciting...I`m in your LO.
It looks great BTW. I`m still working on my paint skills ...dismally.

Hope Evy has a great time in Canberra. My son James went last year with his class and had a grea time (its a hell of a long way from here too)

Look forward to scrapping with you again one day !!1

parkergal17 said...

How exciting about your DAD's album!! Love all of your recent work it is just gorgeous.

Georgia}]............ said...

i love going to scrap week ends so if you are able to ask who ever your co ordinator if youngers are aloowed i'd love to come plz

Anonymous said...

I sure would be jumping up and down about the album.. it is so about time isn't it that your work was being put out there.... Your rock it at the moment and I am so so happy for you xxx

Have a lovely time Evy (my son went to Canberra for his year 6 excursion also) safe travelling xxx

Julie said...

Was doing some blog hopping and thought i would pop in and say "hi" ... also because i recognised my sister in your photo on the Retreat LO!!
I hear you all had a great time ...
great LO too!

Michelle Jamieson said...

LOVE that layout!!
You'll have to email me some pics!!

Can't wait to scrap some from the weekend!

Chelle Xx

Louise said...

Lisa that is just Brillllll news, whilst I was at the convention getting my camera out to take a pic of your mini on display a lady leaned across in front of me and went 'snap' oh I had to get a photo of that [your mini] :) :) :)


Lou xxx