Sunday, June 22, 2008

day 340

ive been racing around this morning looking for a
white dress/skirt-top for miss asti for her
first holy communion next weekend.
do you know how hard it is to find such an item in June?
well lucky for us ,miss evy spied a skirt in city beach ,
that is gorgeous on asti as a long flowing boobtube dress
got the shoes too.she is stoked ,evy scored a pair of shoes too.
and then home to finish miss melissa cj..
this ones been hanging over my head for ages and i just had to finish it
her theme is "whats in my handbag"
got maz's out of the way too. another one that i have had for a lil too long .

this ones for maz's spiritual cj


Ruby Claire. said...

BEAAUUUTTTIFUL work witchy!!
Cant wait to see photos of teh communion ;)
LOVE bot entries!!

miasmummy said...

I love these entries Witchy, absolutely beautiful!!! xx

Nicole said...

totally fabo chick,

screams beauty.


Skye M J said...

Man you are creating some awesome stuff of late!
Everything you touch turns to gold - Might have to start calling you Miss Midas!


Scrapaholic 'tine said...

wow beautiful layouts... always got work to show... wish I was that productive... how exciting for the girls getting new clothes and shoes for a special event... can't wait to see the photos.