Monday, June 23, 2008

day 341
another week on the roll,
dancing is out of the way for the week.
first holy communion coming up for asti this weekend .
and another 2 layouts down.
one for di..hope she likes it :)
i do ..i love that colour combo...dont you ?
just something simple and sweet

cut this from an old story book

and now one for Loz and darling Chloe

dont know if i can create tonight a lil tired.


Renee said...

Great work Lisa!!

Such sweet bubs :) Its lovely to be able to create art for others!

Scrapaholic 'tine said...

once again great work Witchy.... So kind of you to do those pages for Di and Loz... it is such a hard time to get motivated when you are sleep deprived...

Have a nice week won't you.

Lauren said...

love my layout thank you so much! can't wait to catch up!!!

Fulvia said...

los these really cute and then the baby is beautiful