Sunday, June 15, 2008

DAY 333
I have had a bit of a quiet weekend(love these ones the best) &
havn't done a great deal scrap wise..we have had guests .
I recieved this challenge pack from the wonderful DEB mitchell on friday
and thats all i have really done .
love this kaiser black/green printed paper and the little otp album.
The photos are from our visit with friends last monday,i made this from them.
i have put it together with rings(i had some deb),ribbon and fibres provided.
I scanned it cause i didnt get a clear enough shot today,we have been out with Paul at the conehead cup series,shame about the rain certainly challenged the riders.

this is my one shot from today .
as soon as the rain hit ,that was it ,the camera went away
I hope you had a relaxing weekend too!

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Fulvia said...

bellissimo l'album!!! beautiful