Sunday, June 29, 2008

day 347 ..

i created this layout on painted pages i tutorials at the qld retreat.
i love how much these photos match the paper.and i only had to add a little light blue..


here we go again.

what i dont understand is why it only happens randomly
its been a special day in our house .

asti receiving the body of christ for the first time .

yep thats right ,First holy communion..

she had a lovely day ,looked totally adoreable

and recieved her host with grace and pius poise.
ahhh im a proud mumma ...
heres some photos from our blessed day .

my two darling daughters off to church ,check out the height difference here...

the shorter of the two is 21 months older than her younger sister ..

all the little ladies looked just so special

asti and one of her besties Keelie
darling Keelie is wearing her mums totally
gorgeous vintage dress from her
first holy communion
riley,asti and morgan
a kiss from dadda
my daily pic 347
one of my lil angel after all the festivities are over.


Lauren said...

great pics witch
looks like you had a great day
asti looks beautiful

Skye M J said...

Gorgeous photos!
Asti looks soooo stunning!

And what a special day to capture!


Jaimie R said...

You have GORGEOUS girls Lisa! Not to mention how great your photos are. You SHOULD be proud, you've done a GREAT job raising 2 amazing girls xoxo

Pamela said...

What a beautiful girl you are asti.

Well done look fab.

Love Pam xx

PS lisa love the scrapping.. what is blogger doing to you??

Nicole said...

these photos are stunning,

Found a few more with the head turning syndrom too. What's up with that anyway. I've tried everything. Blah

LOVE LOVE LOVE, the colours in your pages. and freaking fantastic page below too.

Did a tree arrive at your place???

Melissa said...

Congrats on your special day Asti!
You look absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Gorgeous photos Lisa!!!!

Donna said...

Congratulations Asti on a special day - and you looked beautiful! Lisa I just love the last photo on the post - what a gorgeous pic! Hey - can you email or blog me - what's the name of the lettering you've used on that layout - I love it - or did you hand cut it yourself??? Fab colours - I think I'll have to lift it for Toby's first birthday layout! X Donski

My Life said...

Hay Witch
That pic of you and Asti is just devine. Love it. Hope you both had a very special day.


Scrapaholic 'tine said...

Hi Witchy really really lovely photos.... my boys have 2 1/2 years difference and i reckon in 2 years my youngest will heaps taller tehn the older.... your girls look sooooo happy and they are gorgeous.

Julie H said...

Congrats to Asti on her first Communion - beautiful photos from the day Lisa!!The girls look gorgeous. Love that one of Asti looking up into the light.

Julie xx

parkergal17 said...

Congrats Miss Asti on your first holy communion.

The photos are just gorgeous and looks as though you captured the event so well.

Anonymous said...

You look just stunning Asti on this very important day xxx so happy it all went beautifully for you. Love all the photos xxx