Wednesday, June 11, 2008

day 329
Miss Evy has gone to Canberra.
im sure she will have a blast,as you can see ,
she is beaming with excitement.
this layout below ,i threw together in about 45 mins.
i recieved a product pack in the mail this arvo ,so i sat down and this one came .
i never use fibres ,but im loving the effect wrapped with the pearl string(my add).
im pretty happy with how this one came out...thanks chris for the product.
that crochet flower is devine

does this happen to other cat owners?
does your cat pop themselves infront of your screen?

self portrait pic of the day number.329.
and i want to give a hearty cheer out to Harry Hambly,
Destarté Northrop and Alison Kreft from Hambly Studios.
i recieved a thank you package from Hambly today.
when in Qld at the markets last month,i spotted some knock off Hambly images
and snapped a pic,which i sent over to hambly inquiring about the image.
turns out someone was flogging some 6 images,and making a profit .
this is my thank you....yippppeeeeeeee...i love hamblyyyyyyyyyyyyy


Ali said...

you are certainly scrapping up a storm atm lisa- evie looked so excited about her camp. and WOW about the hambly gift- so COOL of them!! :)

Anonymous said...

WOW, nice work Lisa. ANd that is so nice of them to send a thank you like that!

Gorgeous work hun, and Boo is just adorable :)

Maz xx

Michelle Jamieson said...

Have a wonderful time, Evy!! looks cold!

Good on you for shooting of an email. How yummy are those Hambly goodies?? Just delish!

Chelle Xx

parkergal17 said...

Wish I could put a layout that great together in 45 minutes. I love the fibres and pearl they are just gorgeous.

What a great thanks from Hambly. Can't wait to see what you scrap with the new goodies.

Nicole said...

that page is gorgeous.

nice surprise from Hambly too, can't believe someone was trying to knock them off.


Donna said...

Hey Witch - you're cruising atm aren't you! Now I look forward to see what Hambly mabgic you can conjure up!!!

Skye M J said...

Hey Lovely! So great to see that excitement on Evie's face!
How very precious!
Lucky you - hambly make such BEAUTIFUL products! and good eye from you for spotting them!
Love your challenge from Chris - it is a beautiful interpretation!

Sares said...

wow, how about the nerve of those people ripping off Hambly? Nice of them to send you a thankyou gist too. Awesome work as always Lisa!

Sares xx

Anonymous said...

Kudos to you Payback is great when you use to put right! I think they call it payit forward. OMG do I sound like Brian yep too many ...... Feeling very sentimental.. No wonder I am listening to Sade!!!! Where did I find that!

XO me

unicorns80 said...

I lurve that Blessed LO Witchy - its gorgeous - you should use fibres more often. Evy sure looked excited about her trip. Good on ya for the Hambly - lucky you seen it and sent off the email or they may have never known. So awesome of them to send a thank you. All the best xox

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