Sunday, June 01, 2008

day 319
ive had a busy day today,
didnt get any scrappin done...blah to that ,
but i did see my girl Lanae,new hubby Luke and baby Gab thats cool..
what happenind this weeknd at your place ?
did you get some scrappin done ?


Michelle Jamieson said...

Not alot happened here this weekend, either.
Wasn't in the scrapping mood...just some chillin', and the odd DVD, which was nice!

Hope you had a good one!

Chelle Xx

Scrapaholic 'tine said...

Hi witchy.... WHAT HAPPENED AT YOUR PLACE THIS WEEKEND... well I went away on our Darwin 6montly scrapbooking getaway... wow of course had the bestest time... Did 11 pages and 3 canvas' oh very pleased...... I am trying to get the damn photobucket to work for me so I can share them on SM Forum but it keeps failing....mmmmm happy scrapping to you buddy Christine

Ruby Claire. said...

Hey Witchy-ness!! :) Man i tend to put 'ness' on too many things these days! Like the daily photo..
What happened this week?
Sat was a sleepover at a friends. We went bowling and to the mall. I didnt sleep because i had been off school since Tues so i couldnt sleep.... We met up with them all on Sunday for church. They only got 2 hours sleep! So i was practially the only one half awake! hehe... But i have HEAPS of things to do!! Assignments etc..
LOVE the LO you did! SO beautiful! Love how you use colour and black and white photos! It worked Im too scared! :P Well, have a GREAT week!
Sorry for my LONG comment!

Georgia}]............ said...

hey witchy poo i no a big thousand thats a lot of scrappin stuff yehhhh ill post a pic turee as soon as i get it mean while im in the newspaper on wednesday the advocate

Yillup said...

Hi there witchy! I actually got some scrapping done this weekend. Seems to be a never-ending struggle to find time!

I'm going to miss oyur daily photos when you're through with the challenge!