Tuesday, June 24, 2008

day 342
well i was going to scrap,
but i ended up with a migraine this evening and
well nothing really accomplished..nearly missed uploading my pic..
damn bloggers playing with my mind again and upload my pic the wrong way ..
but for now ,well i dont really care...yawn
heres my daily pic...one day closer to the end..
and a pic of my scrap table ,believe it or not i actually create in that little space .

what is this ??????
love to hear your ideas??


Ruby Claire. said...

LOVE photos of your scrap space :)
So arty!!
Love the photo too...
The picture... i think it is those things at the end or at the front of your bed??
OR maybe a door on its side with a REALLY point door handle..
Do you think you could send me some photos of you, your kiddies... anything that i could scrap? pleeaassee? :)
LOVE your photography and need more photos!! :D
Have a great week!!

Lauren said...

I have no idea!!
what is it??

Sheri said...

mum said it's a dress makers form?????????
one of things the dress maker uses to make dresses or clothes