Saturday, March 29, 2008

DAY 258
of the 365 day self portrait photo challenge .
Evy ,Paul and I have been out today..
to the opening of the wadalba sports complex,
which is only 5 minutes from our place .
Paul designed the skatepark there ,so we had the official invitation.
asti was at miss kellies for a sleep over ,and she went fishing today.
heres a few shots to share ..wasn't it delightful weather today .
we had a lovely day out .

evy loves to join in anytime Frank is doing drum clinics

there was some dancers there showcasing their craft ,
and drumming up some business.
evy jumped in on the demo.feeling right at home .
Keishas over tonight ...
another sugar fuelled evening(thanks kristy!)
so their sleeping in the tent tonight ...
i have some serious scrapping to get done!!!!!!

1 comment:

Julie H said...

Wow - great shots from your day Lisa - that bellydancer one looks fantastic!!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend

Julie xx