Tuesday, March 18, 2008

day 247
another day down,closer to the 300's
heres a lil something i made . the idea is from scrapalicious
and even though i saw it ages ago ,
ive had it on my creative mind for a few weeks...
i'd love to see your butterfly .
oh ive been playing with the edit buttons again,
this ones called cartoon


Skye M J said...


I've been secretly reading your blog every day - I find so much inspiration here!

This little butterfly fairy doodad is fantastic!

pS - I love your belly dancing photos of your little ladies! Fab!

Lexie said...

Loving the angel, I remember seeing them on Brons blog. I just give them a go.

Loved your SMELL and Give pPeace a chance LO's!

Have a great Easter weekend!