Monday, March 17, 2008

no Tara Whitney
day 246
another day down..i see an end in sight ..
ive been playing with the editing buttons
to cover my very late, bad pic..hehehee
its belly dancing day...and
i have been inspired by the cool pics of tara whitney....
so with renewed vigour im happy snappen at any chance i get..
here some to share

she is dedicated ,let me tell you

i love these ones of asti

well im definately No Tara Whitney,

but im havin fun anyway


kazzra said...

OMG, Lisa i love the photos of your beautiful girls - the black & whites are sooo gr8, they take your breath away. Love your work!!!!
Blessings Kaz

Ali said...

wow lisa! those pics of evie and astrid are gorgeous- esp that one of evie peering over her shoulder (B&W) awesome work!!! x ali