Wednesday, March 05, 2008

day 234
paul has gone to bathurst till monday..
there is an event on called
newtons playground
its an international event .
with skaters from all over the globe...
a mixed event with Grinspoon as head lined act..
so its just the girls and i till next week....
sounds like a crafty weekend coming up...
best of luck to my man ...fingers crossed for a placing.
there's cash prizes for the first 3 in each event.


Pamela said...

Go the Girls, mmm and I think Paul is gunna have a ball.

hope you are feeling better now.

finally caught up with Goddess the other day.

Love Me

Anonymous said...

Hello my beautiful witchy!

Sending you positively delightful crafty fun vibes for the weekend! Hopefully I can find my mojo to get some things done too!

Wishing Paul good luck also!