Sunday, March 23, 2008

day 252...
happy easter everybody
i hope you've all had a wonderful day
lots of chocy eggs
remembering why we celebrate ..
enjoying the weekend of the 'autumn solstice'
here's my work from the last 24 hours,,,busy little beaver i am

and the bounty from the easter bunny...
yum yum we love Cadbury

i see the easter bunny

lets get serious ,it's all about the egg.


Nicole said...

love the egg shots, and mmmm cadbury's honestly is there any other chocolate that compares.

love your art. so beautiful



Jodie said...

mmmm chocolate!
hey love the new pages, ur on a rollll!!!

and i have to say i love that smurf shirt your little awesome daughter is wearing, very awesome.
im gunnna get me one from jay jays too i think, very cool!


miasmummy said...

Love your latest LO's babe! And love how you kept the edges from PP to make a LO from, truly a scrapper!! Great pics of the girls with thier Easter Bounty! xx

Anonymous said...

Eggs mean rebirth so yes it is all about the eggs...:):) and boy your scrapping up a storm xxx Awesome and stunning xx Happy Easter to you and Paul and the girls xxx And I have my blog up and running again just need to click on my name here to visit if you so wish to fix your side bar with the updated site xxx

Julie H said...

HAPPY EASTER to you all!!!
wow - you were super busy yesterday - so many gorgeous layouts ... love that wheels paper.
Awesome pix of your girls and their choccie stash.

Julie xx

Melissa said...

Frigin' awesome photo's and LOs!
You are one talented woman!
Hope you all had a delicious Easter!

Scrapaholic 'tine said...

Hi Scrapwitch sooo love the idea with the strips from the bottom of pages... soo inspiration... Fabulous Easter photos.. Happy Belated Easter to you are yours... Christine

ann_dee78 said...

those easter photos are so fab!!
Always love seeing your work!