Saturday, March 01, 2008

day 230
of the 365 day self portrait challenge .
we've had a full day today
evy had a swimming party today for andrew..
i made a journal for him ,with WWF cards over it
i didnt get a shot ,cause i was running a little late ...
this afternoon we headed up north to catch up with friends who are
up from torquay,vic..but originally from Hawaii and mainland california.
i was so happy to see Jeanette ,Koby ,and Kiari(hope thats how its spelt)again.
here's some of the 350 shots from this afternoon..
it was hard to pick my favs ,cause there where so many good ones...
firstly here is a little something that ive been playing with this week..
a placemat converted into a wall hanging

jeanette and myself...portrait of the day

gorgeous kiari

cutie pie jamie lee


home again...time to accessorise


tracey said...

well i must say that i am in love with that new wall hanging of yours - and think that i might have to start mass producing those wings to sell - especially if they look as good as you have made them. Your girls are so lucky that they have you to create such beautiful memories for them. Oh and don't let me forget your beautiful photos - they are awesome - i bet your friend is inlove with those snaps.

Pamela said...

hey Lisa,

It looks like you had a great time with your friends, the photos are really awsome you do so well capturing people!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Pam xo

Ali said...

wowzers- i LURVE that wall hanging- what a FAB idea!! it's great and the blues and greens make it look xtra beachy! plus those photos are great!! love the BW portraits! xxo