Monday, March 03, 2008

day 232
hope you all had an awesome weekend,
and a FABULOUS MARDI GRAS darlings
guess where i went today?
well i went to town ,SYDNEY ...i love that city of sydney
"with there fantastic water displays,yeah"(peter garret ...goat island concert)
back to it ..i love sydney..i lived there for a few years during
the 1980's ,when the pub rock scene was thriving and seeing
Ed Keupper,lime spiders,celebrate rifles,spy vs spy,and TISM,
was an every weekend outing for my room mate and myself .
so i went to town,with miss evy in tow(she's not 100%...grrrrrr)
to visit my friend lee who has been up (from melbourne )
in the big smoke for mardi gras ..
we went to school together...he is my oldest and dearest
friend from school and i jumped at the chance to catch up...
thanks mate for staying an extra day to see me...
i loved spending some time with you today ,and your friend Liam,what a treat.....
hope you had fun too...heres some shots to share
but first ,the first layout of PRINCESS BOO BOO PEEPS
who now riegns supreme in the scrap/skate palace
introducing .......

on the train!!!!!
whats a visit to sydney with out a visit to the harbour ???

sail of the opera house
miss evy
Lisa and LEE...friends for a lifetime !!!!!

i really love this shot..taken on darlinghurst road ,Kings Cross.3.10pm.

what did you do today????


tracey said...

love your day out -- and i wanna know how you snuck in a layout too.... i am so behind ... you are putting me to shame in a big way...oh bother... hope your little miss is feeling better and glad to see you both enjoyed your day catching up with old friends.

binrow said...
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binrow said...

Hope your better lil witch because I'm NOT!! Stupid cough!!!

I to loved Sydney while I lived there in the early 90's , so many memories.


Scrapaholic 'tine said...

hey witchy.. love the photos of your day... much better then mine just work and getting kids from after school care homework dinner then bed.... My other half is currently in Adelaide for college, part of his apprenticeship so am a single mum at present and not liking it... such hard work.. no scrapping time not fair... anyway hope lil witch is feeling better and glad you had a great day. TFS Christine