Sunday, March 16, 2008

DAY 245
i got a couple of layouts and a good start
to simmi's spiritual swap
some to share
a layout titled
smell,mother earths heart

this ones for the embellished 'IN YOUR SKIN'challenge

this weeks theme is 'nose..'

self portrait pic of the day 245

this ones for a swap on SM

i still have to add to the above page before i can send it on

hope you all had a productive weekend



Gallery 12 said...

Hello gorgeous Witch - btw Millie calls you Scratch Witch!!! Don't you love 2 year olds! Oh I'm in love with the Spiritual journal too - what a great theme - and that nose LO - what a great theme for a week on the Gallery! Will give you a call soon for a chat as the phone's now hooked up - take care mate, x Don

miasmummy said...

Love your Cj and your pages are divine!!!Man, I dig your scrapping!!
Not much scrap stuff here on the weekend, had a sick little Mia Moo most of the weekend!! Maybe this afty!

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