Friday, March 28, 2008

day 257
how's tricks people ??
whats going on this weekend...
no work to share...a long work day today ,
then by the time i cook dinner ,im buggered.
my daily pic is somewhere in this post..
plus some shots of evy and boo boo ,
whom we all love to bits...

dont forget to check out this weeks Gallery 12.
this weeks theme is feet ,which i have taken pics
of everyday this week and still i didnt get the shot i was hunting...
but you get that's a four of the 150 shots that
didnt make the cut.i got heaps of cool ones at work ,
that i just couldnt use due to confidentiality..
T's feet

family shot

yoga warm up feet
have a fun weekend folks.

1 comment:

Donna said...

oh some very nice feet photos there - it's always the way though isn't it - great ideas but difficult actually getting them to come to life. I love yesterdays photo - very soft and calming - noice! Gealous that you get to stay with Tiddly too btw - boo hoo!