Sunday, March 02, 2008

day 231
of the 365 day self portrait challenge
here's my entry for this weeks
embellished ,"in my skin" challenge
this weeks topic
well im not to keen on getting a close up ear shot. i went down a different path

portrait shot of the day
day 231
cat on a hot tin roof....
evy saved boo
today it was a birthday party for asti to attened
here's the gift....a faux pandora..with 3 charms

hope you all had a fun weekend .

we did ...
now back to scrapping...
whats for dinner tonight..
its roasted punpkin pasta with pesto
and semi dried tomatoes


miasmummy said...

Fab LO for the challenge!! And love all your other pics!! xx

xx Pippa xx said...

Love your "ear" LO. I'm with you on the close up thing LOL. BTW can I come and live at your house? Dinner sounds fabulous!

binrow said...

Mmmmm wish I was at your place for tea!!
You don't have a little spell to get rid of a nasty cough do you??

Love all your photos in the other post to, just want to know what did the chicken do??