Saturday, April 11, 2009

day 100-365-2009
I've been out this morning visiting my favourite twins
and their gorgeous friend Dani...17 yesterday (happy dayz dani)
dropped by ,always happy to grab a shot or 2 with me...
ahhh the gorgeous skin of youth
this evening my little precious 2 and i ,
plus a couple of friendS ,
and teresa and sarah
went to the flicks and caught
im a good mumma taking them,
it really had nothing to do with perving on young zac .heehhee
have a wonderful easter sunday
ill be thinking of all my special friends and family ..
here and abroad
quote of the day

"Affection is responsible
for nine-tenths
of whatever solid and durable
there is in our lives."
C.S. Lewis-British scholar and novelist. 1898-1963

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Scrappylicious said...

Great Pics Witchy and your right Dani is a stunner :)