Monday, April 20, 2009


a cj for an international swap
finally getting something done
this one was a cool theme your
bucket list
and its now off to the USA

quote of the day
"I've dreamt in my life
dreams that have
stayed with me ever after,
and changed my ideas;
they've gone through and through me,
like wine through water,
and altered the colour of my mind."

Emily Bronte-English novelist,
poet and author of 'Wuthering Heights',


Felicity said...

what an awesome entry in the CJ!!
Love that LO of Dani.
Thanks for inspiring me again!!

binrow said...

Hi lady your looking so good, I hope I can catchya in Melbourne next month. I myself have turned to pooh put weight on hair a mess! Girls have pressies for Evy and Asti too. Of to bed now HUGZ......