Wednesday, April 08, 2009

97-365-2009quote of the day

"It's sad when someone you know
becomes someone you knew."
Henry Rollins-American Rock singer,
author, actor and poet, b.1961


Ms Zane said...

i miss you so much beautiful lady!! I booked my tickets! I tried to msg you back but my sim card has run out of credit and there is no way to refill it in Canada! I hope everything is ok for me to visit my friend aI am so excited - your msg's have been shirt lately but I know in my heart I just have to come and visit you - it's the right thing to do!! Miss you! mwaah xoxox

merryheart2 said...

i'm loving your daily photos and quotes. i hope you have a great day today.

Donna Heart said...

Hey Lisa - haven't heard back from you - hope you are ok! Probably creating up a storm. I pop in all the time - love the photos and quotes - so uplifting. CU babe!

Nicole said...

how true is this quote, quiet feel like that these days.