Friday, April 17, 2009


how's things folks....yep im late..uploading on the saturday
just cause i was too distracted last night ...hehehe
i went out for a night,(dont we all need a night out ) ,to a birthday party with some super fun happy people ..
leaves one with a smile on ones face..
big love to the very cheeky birthday girl....
so what happening with your weekend???????????
i woke up to an empty house...:) quiet ,and its raining outside..
i have some serious cleaning to do ..even though im at work all week and everyone else is home at a loss to understand why they leave all the work for me ...oh thats right i'm the right sex for the job .lol
grrrrrrr to domestic chores ..i just want to create and play...yep theres miss sagittarian coming out in me ,avoid the important things and just go have fun.hehheheheheh

quote of the day
we are all worms ,
but i do believe
i'm a glow -worm
winston churchill 1874-1965
british PM and statesman


Sue said...

Hi, I am so with you on the chores. Seems like us Mums are the only ones that know how to do them. Funny how we are also the ones that never seem to be home to make the mess in the first place, and those cleaning fairies need a kick in the pants to get them moving. Yay to more fun stuff, not just a sagitarius thing.

chrisw said...

Yes you are a little glowworm..oh just leave the housework andcreate will still be there tomorrow!