Monday, April 13, 2009


so how was your long weekend...??
mine was quiet..and sorta relaxing
i really got bugger all completed :(
did u do anything special ???

well im a bit excited ,cause i have 2 weeks off next month
and Zane is coming for a bulk of that time ..yay...
and im going to fit a flying visit to melbourne
and a over nighter in sydney ..
yay..bring on May
quote of the day
travel and a change of place
bring new vigour to the mind
Semeca_roman dramatist,philosopher,statesman


Nicole said...

bugger all here too, cleaning up vomit most of the weekend. YUCK. Hate sick kids and being sick.

Anyway, loves to ya.


Felicity said...

love those Lo's and Woot to a week of holidays soon!! Lap it up!! :)
Felicity x

Tash Allen said...

your hair looks amazing straight! love it and a your layouts. happy easter