Thursday, April 23, 2009


well lucky me has 2 days off ..hehheh
and today we all hung out and caught up on paying some bills
,printing some pics and scrapping with miss G
i'm sporting a bit of a sore throat atm,and im back to
the periodontesit tomorrow.grrr
pam ,ill see you if your around
finally finished a couple of pieces...
cant show the other just yet ..
its for aussie scrapjack.hehheh

princess BOO BOO standing guard

quote of the day
"Dreams are like stars...
you may never touch them,
but if you follow them they
will lead you to your destiny."


Felicity said...

totally love that LO, something I struggle with is green.
Hope your sore throat doesnt get to bad.
Enjoy your days off!

Georgia}]............ said...

hey lisa would you be able to emial me just one of each of my pages full size un edited please ty ly heeps & Heeps

love g
p.s your stuff is almost as awesome as you grguz