Wednesday, April 29, 2009

howdy folks...
yes ive been a little quiet since miss ruby's visit
ive been a little stuffed up with the flu,
and hoping to be well by the time i head of to melb,
wouldnt want to have a confusion
with this swine flu thats sprung up...
any way ...ruby inspired me while she was here..
her fresh simple and arty fun approach,
and the fabulouso friends book the she is creating ,
wow hold this little baby and
flick thru the pages ,its very inspring .
so much so that ive started an altered book of my own ...
well i have soooo sooo so many photos
from the first 365 day challenge,
and now this next 365
and i know im boarding on being a bit of a narsicist ,
but,well i have changed ..and i want
to celebrate it in my own unique way .lol
i figure im not going to scrap the previous challenge photos
i have already completed many layouts with them
,so im doing then and now album
it will be a bit eclectic and random i expect
just a space to get rid of all these pics and
see my progression physically
i had a work meeting to attend tonight ..
wrapping of mothers day presents
was tonights chore.hehheh
so paul made dinner...
this was my yummy dinner tonight
some pesto,semidried tomato,pumpkin ,onion ,
capsicum,a little chilli and a lil cheese...

quote of the day
you can have anything you

want if you want it desperately enough.

You must want it with an inner exuberance,

that erupts through the skin and

joins the energy that created the world
sheilah graham


Ruby Claire said...

Love the look of it so far!
Can't wait till its finished so I can hold it in my hands and flick through :)
P.S Hope the cold passes... i hope it wasnt my snuffly nose!!!!

Maxine said...

WOW awesome start to your altered book. Your work is so inspirational. How yummy does that pizza look!!!