Sunday, April 26, 2009


awww she's gone home .:(:(:(....................
back to her super special family..
thanks ever so to Daniel and Megan
for sharing your delightful eldest child with us
she is a blessing and my children just couldnt leave her alone
cant wait for our next scrap event
fingers crossed it will be a longer stay ..l
a couple of layouts from last night
a pic from yest ..minus edit ..impatient me ,grrrrr

ruby and asti
april family pic 2009

quote of the day

"Don't go through life,

grow through life."
Eric Butterworth--Minister and author


Ruby Claire said...

Awww Lisa! I had a TOOOTTAALLYYY aweessoomme time!!
Thanks so much for a fabulous weekend!!! x

chrisw said...

Adore that family piccy..just gorgeous Lisa,so glad you had a lovely time with Ruby!

sarah said...

love this quote! :)


Anonymous said...

hey lisa just had a peeky boo catch up on all your work very clever luv it soo good mate !oh and i so luv the family pic awesum xx cindy