Sunday, April 05, 2009

94-365-2009a busy day ..out to breaky with jo and katey
always a funnny time with these 2..
pauls ben skating all weekend ,
and today it was super close to home so the kids
and i spent some time out watching the event ....
ive scrapped bugger alll
my mojo has deserted me :(
but im still trying to throw something together to
motivate and inspire aint working .hheehheh
show this one tomrrow

no 2 with his one foot trick
the no 2 in the world ..ramone...
shaking hands...first race ,with youngest and newest skater
before the start ...comradery starts on the ramp ...

haggie an paul

hope you had some sunshine in your day

quote of the day

"Celebrate the happiness that friends

are always giving,

make every day a holiday

and celebrate just living!"

Amanda Bradley


Jane Smith said...

What a stunning lady you are!! Curly or straight hair!! You haven't lost your mojo girl - can't wait to see the layout with the ORANGE paint..looks amazing!! Be back tomorrow to check it out! Xjs

Felicity said...

oh no, not the mojo missing.. Mine must be with yours :)
Sounds like a yummo brekky out, something I do enjoy. :)
Hope your monday was kind.
Felicity x