Friday, January 02, 2009

peace and love

what more can one say ,with all this bull shit going on in Israel..
i feel for the people..all people caught up in this tragic tit for tat crap..
and i dont want to seem like im talking lightly about this,
i know that this conflict goes back years....i just wanted to say that
peace and love are an alternative to anger and war ...
dont you know it friends.......
ive been creating...
staying off the internet and getting focused on my goals this year .
here a peek at a few things im working on ,
or have finished off..hheheh yippppee
working on this OTP
and this layouts on the table now..hehealmost finished my happy mail for Rico

now some layouts ....
one for me .hehehheehe love this pic of my girls and I

finally for jill..thought id show you to know what the titles could be...
ppl i need some insipration
oh i so hope these 2 aint siblings sure they are not...but ...gulp you never know

and a title for this would be good...any ideas ???


Ruby Claire said...

WOOHHOOO look at all this glorious Yummyness!
If i see you in the holidays... you MUST teach me how to do the AMAZINg paintwork! Getting all the colours together like that! You are amazingly talented Witchy! your daily photos are fab! Those LOs that are needing title help, im sorry I am no use to you. But they look FANTABULOUS!!
You RRAAAWWWKKK witchy-pooooo! :)
Happy New Year! xo

Tara said...

Its been a while since I stopped in here.... Loving your creative work as usual..


You are looking GREAT!! Good luck for the coming year in getting healthy, looks like you are already going really well, and the 365 day challenge (again)... You are the ONLY person I have seen actually complete it!!

Natalia said...

Happy NEw Year lis!!! :D wishing you all the happiness in the world for you, your family and your loved ones!!

about the photos.. I never use tripod because I don't have one. And even if I do I don't think I can be bothered to bring it out with me..I barely even use my SLR. Right now I'm just sticking with my Canon iXUS. I'm just a point and shoot person :D lol

To get the dreamy soft effect, here's what you can do in photoshop or other photo editing tools.

1. increase brightness
2. lower the contrast
3. lower the saturation

and just play with those 3 bars until u achieve the desired dreamy look. Or if you want it real easy, you can check out (an online photo editing tool). They have pretty cool presets and other effects!

Hope those helps :)

vicmbee said...

Love your LO's witchy can't wait to see the OTP when your done as it looks great... well the peek of it..

Mellinda said...

Oh Witchy, DO you know how much I love reading your blog and how much you inspire me.......I would love to spend just one day with you learning new tricks....

Scrapaholic 'tine said...

oh my gosh look at all that inspiration... wow you are impressive Scrapwitch!!!! love your work!!!!!! Happy to see your daily photo again.. so enjoyed checking in on a daily basis :) thanx