Saturday, January 17, 2009

Howdy's this weekend going for you?
..a sleepy start to my day after a night out.hehehhe
thanks to miss k and her friends for their company.
so this morning after a yummy breaky
(ive been neglecting myself a little nutritionally)
and some phone calls to some very important people,lol
i got stuck into these canvases...for a friend who is attending a 40th tonight..
dont you love it when you get an art commision the day before its needed.
and you have to go out the night at midday i started on these and they were picked up at 3.30......a big thanks to leanne for whipping up the signature board for me...thats one lees item i needed to worry about ...hope to get something done for myself this weekend...
tomorrow the kids and paul go away for a week north to pauls relo's in scott's head...
omg ,one week to me...far out wish i was holidays too,
but im staying here for work.
aww poor me....hehehhe

quote of the day
"If you don't know where you are going,

any road will get you there."

Lewis Carroll

English logician, mathematician, photographer and novelist,

especially remembered for Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. 1832-1898


Dee said...

Loving those wonder people want you at the last second!!!

Lauren said...

Hey Witchy,
What are you going to do home alone for a whole week????
Hope to see it on here!
Love Loz

blinksoflife said...

love the quote lis! love how you're featuring quotes on every post! thanks for sharing these quotes..
hugs :)